Teeth Whitening in the Brisbane CBD

The first thing most people notice about you is your smile. A brighter and whiter smile can make first impressions that are much better. Even if your teeth only look barely off-white, having your teeth whitened can make a considerable difference to your appearance. At Brisbane Mall Dental Centre, we make teeth whitening in Brisbane CBD safe, easy and affordable.
Quick effective teeth whitening | Brisbane Mall Dental Centre | Opalescence Go

Many habits can darken your teeth. As you get older, your teeth become darker naturally. Beverages such as coffee, tea and red wine can also stain your teeth.

When you decide you're interested in teeth whitening some of the benefits you will experience include:

  • Self-confidence: Looking your best boosts your confidence, and that includes your teeth's appearance. When your teeth look beautifully white, you won’t hesitate to laugh or smile in public
  • Look younger: Since age darkens your teeth, whiter teeth can take years off your appearance
  • Encourage dental care: When your teeth look bright and white, you’ll want to keep them that way. The best way to keep them at their peak is through brushing and flossing

        Teeth whitening does is not suitable for every patient. Fillings and crowns can’t be whitened, and greyish or brownish hues are more difficult to whiten than yellowish ones. However, even if you have crowns or advanced discolouration, we may still be able to whiten your teeth with certain treatments. Come in for a consultation to discuss your options.

        Teeth whitening is now more affordable!

        With revolutionary product development, here at Brisbane Mall Dental Centre we are excited to introduce a new range to our bleaching treatment options.

        Our whitening selection offers three differing treatment applications. After having an assessment with the dentist, we will be able to determine which method is best suited to your smile.

        A few things influence the type of teeth whitening application used:

        • Alignment of teeth: If your teeth are overlapping or sitting behind one another this can affect the positioning of the tray therefore the contact of the bleach on the tooth surface
        • Shade of teeth: Grey or yellow shaded teeth react better to different formulations of whitening bleach; we will have to pick the best solution to get the best result
        • Existing staining: If you have stains that are old or stubborn then this will alter which method is given
        • Enamel weakness: Sometimes this causes whitening to be unsuccessful or patchy, so care must be taken to identify the correct method if any at all

        Other dental aspects we will check are:

        • Pre-existing dental treatment: You cannot whitening existing crowns or filling or veneers therefore this has to be taken into consideration prior to whitening
        • Health of dentine: Decay, erosion and sensitive teeth are highly at risk to have further issues if whitened, therefore the dentist will need to do a complete oral health check prior to issuing teeth whitening
        Quick effective teeth whitening | Brisbane Mall Dental Centre | Opalescence Go

        Brisbane Mall Dental Centre Teeth Whitening Menu

        We are happy to offer a range of whitening options in our menu:

        • Opalessensce Go. A convenient travel whitening pack that does not require you to have customised trays and gel syringes – you can whiten your teeth in your lunch break or freshen up before going out for a dinner date!
        • Personalised Whitening Trays. This includes upper and lower trays made to fit your teeth perfectly. Used with whitening gel that is inserted into the customised trays
        • In Chair System. This is an hour treatment done by our dental team in chair – results immediately without continuous days of whitening at home

        It is important to note each patient’s smile is individual and not every system is suitable to every smile. Thus a whitening consultation is required to review your teeth and choose the most efficient system for you.

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