General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Brisbane CBD

    For a comprehensive selection of the finest dental services and treatments in Brisbane performed by highly qualified and trusted dentists in the industry, Brisbane Mall Dental Centre is the only name you need to know.

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    All new patients will receive a comprehensive dental examination here at Brisbane Mall Dental Centre which will include all of the following dental services:

    • Overview of health status
    • Review of priorities, goals and desires
    • Review of previous dental treatment
    • Examination of teeth and gums
    • Overview of bite related issues
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Intra-oral X-rays
    • Cosmetic evaluation
    • Oral Hygiene Assessment and suggestions

      Additional diagnostic procedures that may be advised include:

      • Impressions for study models
      • Extra Oral Radiography (OPG imaging or Cone Beam CT)
      • Fluorescent oral cancer screening
      • Salivary gland function tests
      • Photographic records
      • Temporomandibular joint assessment

        These are additional items which incur an additional fee. They are not always necessary and you would have to specifically agree to them before we proceed.

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        Brisbane Mall Dental Centre general and cosmetic dentistry services

        Recall Examination

        For your convenience, recall examination will include oral hygiene maintenance. The recall interval varies according to individual needs and typically ranges from 3 to 12 months. If the interval between examinations extend beyond two years, then it is likely that a comprehensive examination will be recommended. Similarly, it is likely that a comprehensive re-assessment will be suggested for all patients at 5 yearly intervals if this has not been done sooner including OPG radiograph (X rays).

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        General Dental Services

        Our professional team of dentists provide a wide array of general dental services including:

        • Crowns and Bridges for the treatment of weakened, broken and heavily filled teeth
        • Ceramic fillings and Crowns
        • White bonded (mercury free) restorations
        • Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatments when required, utilizing fast rotary techniques
        • Gum Reshaping to enhance smiles
        • Treatment of ulcers and other oral lesions
        • Removal of excessive gum tissue
        • Restoration of fractured teeth with crowns
        • Implant supported crowns to replace missing teeth
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          Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening

          During your consultation we can create the smile you have always wanted. From our years of experience, we know that a bright attractive smile encourages excellent dental health and increases your self-confidence.

           Our cosmetic dental services include:

          • Professional teeth whitening in Brisbane
          • Bonded white fillings
          • Veneers, bonding, crowns and implants: all have an important role to play in enhancing smiles.
          • Implants for missing teeth: While partial dentures can work for some people, nothing matches the aesthetics, comfort and security of a well-placed and restored dental implant.
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            Other Treatments

            Our practice offers a broad range of dental services. We are pleased to have visiting specialists at our practise who can provide advanced periodical, surgical, oral medicine and oral pathology services. However there are some procedures that we don’t provide. Instead, we will refer you to competent specialists.

            These services include:

            • Advanced Orthodontic Treatment
            • Major Surgical Treatment
            • Sedation
            • Complicated endodontic procedures
            • Extensive restorative dentistry for children

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