Tips for Drinks & Foods for your Teeth

Knowledge is best when it comes to making healthy food choices and this is the same for your teeth too.

Read through our lists to see if you are being naughty or nice to your teeth. Be tooth wise every time you eat or drink!

Drinks Tip #1

Consume the same drink daily?

That everyday coffee, tea, energy drink, sports hydration formula are all detrimental to your teeth.

These can be high in sugar or staining particles and can affect the overall look of your teeth and turn into nasty furry decays if not removed promptly.

Drinks Tip #2

Stay away from highly acidic drinks!

These sit on the teeth and eat away at your enamel. Even healthy drinks like fruit juices are best in moderation.

Drink Tip #3

Want to know our biggest tip?!

Always have your drink in one main sitting and then rinse with water afterwards. This means your teeth aren't exposed to potential wear and tear particles and rinsing with water rebalances your mouth pH levels

Top Tip: Everything in moderation is key!
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Top Tip: Vary your foods to help maintain a good pH level

Food Tip #1

Eat well rounded from varioius food groups to keep your mouths pH level balanced. Too many highly acidic or sugary foods all the time will keep your mouth at high pH levels which means you are more likely to get decay and holes.

Food Tip #2

Stay away from sticky and tacky foods!

Chewy candy is yummy, but do consider that the film left on the teeth afterwards is an attraction for bacteria if left on the teeth for long periods of time. In time this errodes the enamel - ouch!

Food Tip #3

Hard foods are dangerous!

The amount of times we are told that pork crackling or hard nuts have broken teeth is amazing. We love our food, but beware when they are hard.

Food Tip #4

Don't chew ice!

This habit will chip away enamel and break teeth so easily - beware!

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Your smile is your best asset!

Care for it
Keep up to date with your oral health check - visit us every 6 months - and remember good teeth cleaning habits at home
See our oral hygiene page for more information
Don't forget to check out our patient offers page too!
Have regular dental cleans to freshen up your teeth and gums
Follow oral hygiene instructions for a healthier smile at home
Eat and drink healthy tooth foods to help minimise acid attacks
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