Oral Hygiene Tips

The technique used to brush and floss your teeth makes the world of difference! 

Read through our tips to see if you are doing it right. Of course a full clean is recommended to remove hard calculus first then follow up with the correct brushing and flossing techniques daily.

Brushing Technique

Brushing Tip #1

Slow down and watch what you are doing!

Have you ever watched yourself in the mirror and where exactly the bristles of your tooth brush land? You will be surprised which areas are missed

Brushing Tip #2

It is recommended to replace your tooth brush every three months. This ensures the bristles are not worn out and at angles that will not give an effective clean

Is it time to change your brush?

Brushing Tip #3

Remember 45 degrees!
Small circular motions and a brush angled at 45 degrees towards your gums is the most effective technique
Remember each tooth and its gum is individually shaped so the slower you go the more area you will touch. Brush the tops of your teeth at the end
Flossing Technique
flossing two

Flossing Tip #1

Floss it up!

Flossing is an under estimated part of home oral care. Did you know that if you don't floss you are missing 30% of your tooth structure when cleaning?

Yes that is correct! Flossing is an action to not only break the contact between two teeth but to go underneath the gums to prevent plaque building up there

Flossing Tip #2

Treat each tooth as an individual!

Each tooth has two sides so make sure you don't miss either. Wrap the floss around each side and slide under the gum

Flossing Tip #3

Floss your teeth before you brush!

Doing this means that you remove all the food and germs that get stuck in between the teeth first then the brushing removes it from the area

Have regular dental cleans to freshen up your teeth and gums
Follow oral hygiene instructions for a healthier smile at home
smile teeth brushing
Eat and drink healthy tooth foods to help minimise acid attacks
protect your teeth and gums

Your smile is your best asset!

Care for it
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