Caring for teeth starts at an early age. Here at Brisbane Mall Dental Centre we encourage all children and young adults to remember their teeth are important for not only now but the rest of their lives. Make a trip to the dentist a special one by coming to the Brisbane CBD and whilst in the Queen Street Mall come for a visit to see us!
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Children need to feel confident and their smile is an extension of this. Having a regular visit to the dentist will increase their comfort and familiarise them with dental tools, smells and sounds. We want every kid to grow up without a dental phobia. 
Child friendly dentist Brisbane
We might seem scary but we don't bite!

Top tips to prepare your child for the dentist

  • Read a book about visiting the dentist
  • Count their teeth and other family members teeth at home
  • Talk about what will be found in the room
  • Discuss how healthy eating helps their teeth
  • Remind them it is a safe place
  • Invite them to use the dental visit as show and tell for their peers
  • Tell them healthy teeth = a happy smile
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